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Do you suffer from these skin problems - increased blackheads, enlarged pores, and unbalanced skin hydration?
With EggsShell, 95% users noticed minimized pores and reduced blackheads within just 2 weeks! 
Witness the transformation today!

Unveil Clearer Skin: Deep Cleansing Blackheads

● The EggsShell is formulated with Kaolin Clay, a natural ingredient renowned for its oil-absorbing properties, working deep within the pores, adhering to dirt and blackheads and pulling them out from the root.

●  Combined with the detoxifying power of Green Tea Extract, the EggsShell offers deep cleansing and blackhead removal, resulting in clearer and healthier skin.

● Strength: Within just 15 minutes of use, Observed a dramatic reduction in blackheads by 37%.

Achieve a Shine-Free Radiance: Combatting Oiliness

● Green Tea Extract: a potent antioxidant, helps reduce sebum production, thereby controlling skin oiliness.

● Glycerin: a natural humectant, balances skin hydration levels, preventing overproduction of oil. Regular use of our face mask stick can help maintain a non-greasy and shine-free complexion.

Strength: Within a few weeks of usage, 87% of users noticed a significant reduction in skin dullness, contributing to a more vibrant and glowing complexion.

Reveal a Seamless Glow: Invisible Your Pores

With the deep cleansing action of Kaolin Clay and the antioxidant properties of Green Tea Extract, the EggsShell excels at shrinking enlarged pores.

Kaolin Clay draws out impurities and excess sebum from within the pores while Green Tea Extract helps minimize the pores' appearance, leaving your skin with a smoother and more refined texture.

● The added Glycerin ensures your skin remains hydrated and nourished during the deep cleansing process, resulting in a purified, yet balanced complexion.

Strength: Within a week of regular use, 94% of users reported a significant decrease in pore size.

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Rotate the stick and apply it evenly on your face

Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes.

After it dries,  rinse it off with water.

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Since using the EggsShell Green Tea Mask Stick, I've seen a significant reduction in my pore size. Every use feels like a mini spa session, leaving me with smoother, more refined skin. It's a wonder-worker!

Cathy, 34

Had a spa day at home using the EggsShell Green Tea Mask Stick. Application was easy, and in 10 minutes, it drew out dirt from our pores. After washing off, our skin felt renewed and incredibly clean, like a younger layer of skin was revealed.

Bryon, 46

Since using the Green Tea Mask Stick, my acne has noticeably improved. Redness has reduced, and my skin is clearer. This product has truly transformed my skin - a real game-changer!

Helen, 42

Just over a week of using this product and it's fantastic. Gentle on my sensitive skin, leaves it soft and smooth. Even my 2-year-old enjoyed our 'beauty night'. It's light-scented and suitable even for her baby skin.

Maria, 36

The EggsShell Green Tea Mask Stick has been amazing! After a few uses, my blackheads and large pores noticeably diminished. My skin's texture is dramatically improved and it feels so smooth and clear now! Can't recommend this enough for restoring skin health.

Selina, 48

I was skeptical when I first received this Green Tea Mask Stick as a gift from my daughter. But after the first use, I was amazed at the immediate shrinkage of my pores. It's like having a mini facial at home! Now, it's a skincare essential for me!

Jon H, 58

Yall, this stuff is seriously AMAZING. It's like it meticulously cleans and tightens each pore, leaving my skin super soft. Plus, the smell creates a spa-like experience at home. Don't hesitate if you're considering this, it's a must-have!

Julie, 34

Love this stuff! It did pull dirt & blackheads out like it shows. My skin looks SO MUCH BETTER. I’m 57 and people literally asked me why my skin looks better. Healthier. Brighter. Tighter. This was after 1 treatment. Buying more.

Katy, 57

I must say, I was completely smitten with this Green Tea Mask Stick. The moment it touched my skin, I could feel the delicate granules gently starting to work their magic. It wasn't harsh or abrasive, but rather like a delicate exfoliation, a subtle dance on my skin that tickled and comforted at the same time.

Keith, 46

I'm loving this! Leaves my combination skin smooth and my T-zone refreshed without shine. Its easy application and pleasant scent makes it a game changer. One of the best products I've used!

Ilona, 37

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